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Administration & Fees

- Fees as per Tariff Structure
- Fees are payable in advance before or on the first school day of each month.
- Fees for December and January are full payments.
- If fees are not paid by the 3rd of the month, your child will unfortunately not be able to attend school and you are still liable for that month’s fee.
- A full month's fees are payable even if your child leaves during the course of the month.
- Special activities and outings will not be compulsory, but will be over and above the normal rate. Fees are payable in advance.
- Parents are liable for fees whether or not your child has attended the full month’s quota of days. Unfortunately there will be no rebate for missed days.
- A calendar month's written notice is required should you wish to withdraw your child from ZooZoo Land Daycare.

- CLICK HERE for a List of Requirements


School Times & Holidays

- Campus specific.
- We are closed public Holidays and from +/- the 15th of December till the 10th of January each year.

- CLICK HERE for school closure dates



Illnesses & Injuries


- Please attempt to make alternate arrangements for children with a bad cough, sore throat, vomiting, loose stomach, high temperature, fever, chickenpox, measles, mumps, diarrhoea, jaundice, etc. This is for your own child’s well-being, as well as for the others. Please notify us when your child is sick and will not attend school.
- When we notice a child becoming ill, we observe and take temperature readings. After an hour we phone the parent for permission to treat and to advise on whether the child should be taken to the doctor.
- Minor injuries such as small wounds are cleaned, bandaged and recorded in a child’s message book for the parent’s information.

- In the unlikely event of a serious injury, it is treated and parents are informed immediately. (For extreme emergencies, the paramedics/ambulance are called and parents notified straight after)



Collection of child

- We will NOT allow your child to leave our school if you have not given us written permission or called the school and informed the principal or teacher.

- A fee of R50 p ¼ hour will be charged for late collection of children.


Personal Items

- Please mark all clothing, bedding and bags clearly with your child’s name. We do not take any responsibility for any theft or loss of, or damage or destruction to any property of whatever nature. We do not accept any liability for lost or stolen personal items. To avoid any possible fighting, we request that no toys be brought to school.




- All the food for the day, except the morning snack, is provided by us. Our meals are Nutritional and Healthy. We like to try different foods. The menu is displayed at the entrance and if your child has any allergies to any food type, please send a meal of your choice to school on that particular day.



- Should there be disagreements, we try to diffuse the situation and encourage the children to apologise to each other.

- We do not use physical discipline and your child will not be screamed at. We use the time out/naughty corner method of discipline.

- Should we have discipline issues with a child, the parent will be consulted in order to find the best way of dealing with the child.
- Should it persist, we will have to ask the parents to remove the child until such time as the behaviour changes.
- Please inform us if you become aware of any of the above behaviour, in order for the necessary disciplinary and corrective action to be taken.


Website & Social Pages

- We update our website and social pages regularly and add new fun and amusing photos of the children during their activities. Should you wish not to have your child's picture displayed, please inform us.



Shuttle Service

- There is a shuttle service available to collect and drop your child off in the morning and evenings at an additional cost.



Copies that need to be provided

- It is the parents duty to change their contact details in writing should it change

- Copy of child/children’s birth certificate/ID document
- Immunization card/Clinic card
- Copy of both parents/guardians ID document

happy parents

ZooZoo Land is my child's second home. He has been there from a young age. The teachers are caring and kind. I love this school and so does he.

- Angelique Steenkamp

The love the staff have for the children and how comforting it is leaving my children in their care ...

- Roxanne Stoltz

Teacher's are helpful and so caring. Home away from home for the kids!

Kelly-Anne Finck

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